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Dear colleagues – Dear friends

We welcome you to the website of the Rethymno Travel and Tourism Agencies Association through which we will try to keep you aware about the issues that concern our branch, while also informing, the thousands of our visitors about the area of Rethymno, its sight seeings, its people and how someone can experience them through our programs or on their own.

The regional section of Rethymno is a tourist destination of international range with hundreds of thousands of visitors. The visitor of our region has the possibility to enjoy the landscape of incomparable beauty, the marvelous beaches, the most well-preserved historical city of Creata, the cultural heritage, the high-level service rendering that our offices provide, as well as the unique lodging and the unique hospitality of the people of Rethymno along with their vivid customs.

The tourist agencies of Rethymno with their knowledge and experience about the area, constitute the best councelor and associate when it comes to unique, unforgettable vacations in our region.



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