“…A shore clean and wide with thin and white sand… On the other side where Chania lay there’s a leaden ledge which inspires fear when you see it. You should know that Rethymno is built over the borderline of peacefulness and wildness…(“Τhe chronicles of a state”, P. Prevelakhs)

Rethymno is a city with unique natural beauty that preserves the authenticity and traditions of Creta up to this day. It is the island’s only city, that maintains its traditional character unchanged. The Venetian buildings and the old Venetian port, the Turkish houses and the minarets, the Fortezza castle as well as the historical center with its renaissance atmosphere and the narrow streets give the city its unique profile.

The city of Rethymno counts 40.000 residents and it is the capital of the homonymous county. It is one of the most attractive tourist resorts in Greece and maybe the most beautiful city of Creta. Rethymno offers a variety of natural and cultural leisure activities that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

The county of Rethymno is the heart of the island of Creta. Rethymno awaits with its deep-blue water, mount Psiloritis and the most well-preserved renaissance city in Greece. In the picturesque villages of the provinces of Rethymno the traditions and the pace of Creta are still alive. In the area there can be found traces of civilization that are 4.500 years old, countless Byzantine churches and abbeys, Venetian monuments, magnificent caves, canyons with unique flora and fauna. In the southern part of the county you will find unique beaches (some of the most beautiful ones in Creta) whereas in the north you will find endless sandy shores.

The valleys of rethymno are like vivid postal cards. They are “soaked” in the scents of Cretan cuisine and with the sound of the Cretan “Lyra”. People in rethymno, live among the heart of nature and “feel full” living without the codes of conduct that we come across in the big cities.

Rethymno is the home of Zeus, god of hospitality. Even in the most isolated village, people will greet you kindly and will offer you a “tsikoudia” drink. It is the big number of visitors that return every year to rethymno that confirm the words of “the poet” : “Rethymno is not a place where you will go to but the place where you will return – you always will.

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